Post Mon Feb 23, 2015 2:26 pm


Hello Freeworlders!

A bit of cleaning's been due for a long time.

The forum is now clean.
I've emptied/reset most usergroups.
Brand new Faction forums created.
FWCP Faction Banks reset.
FWCP personal Banks untouched, your personal cash still on ships/personal accounts.

You now have three main Usergroups to pick from:

Galactic Empire
New Republic

They're all OPEN so you can freely join using the User Control Panel.
Just select the Usergroup and submit "Join selected".

We'd like people to only join one of the above groups.
I also created an Independent groups forum for anyone foolish enough to use it. :mrgreen:

Currently we aren't planning any Campaign, Leaders, TE's.
We're at the Roll call/Headcount phase, really (did anyone say dead horse beating?).