Post Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:39 am

Pirates & Privateers


are well known outlaws, trouble makers and usually individuals or groups unworthy of any trust.
Hence they aren’t allowed to sell their services during TE’s through public bidding.
They can arrange private deals but the involved parties will be totally responsible for enforcing them.
Backstabbing or side-switching is to be expected. Pirates can freely attend TE’s. Pirate Capitals can
capture bases on their own but cannot do that in the name of Factions.


are freelance, independent pilots/groups selling their skills to the highest bidder or fighting towards a common cause.
Only Privateers can sell their services at TE’s through public bidding. Privateer contracts can require the Faction to grant
a restricted slot to the Privateer, which will be added to the Restricted Ship slot of the hiring Faction as long as agreed upon
and be able to use ships from said Faction's shiplist. Privateers are bound to the general rules of TE hiring and,
in case of [Privateer] caps capturing bases, such bases will be assigned to the hiring Faction.
Privateers may only be hired by factions, Pirates cannot hire Privateers!
Any breach of a Contract by a Privateer will cost the player the ability of opening hiring topics and all restricted slots will be removed for the following 4 TE’s, account-wide, for all [Privateer] tags.
[Privateer] ships cannot attend a TE without an active public contract, signed through bidding or just made public
at least 24 hours prior to TE start.