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Planned Events

I feel like having some events in the same manner as the TEs of old. Would anybody be up for something like that?

If yes, what kind of format would it have? Here's an idea:

Based on the number of players that can make it we create a shiplist, for instance:
  • One light cap
  • Two heavy/super heavy bombers
  • Rest fighters

That way we could have events of different types: fighter brawls, cap engagements, hybrid, etc.

The event itself would work like the TEs that I knew, where a base designated before the TE can be capped by sitting next to it for some time, except with a few alterations:
  • There are no respawns. (I guess we could allow respawns in light fighters to prevent people from getting bored.) If all ships on one side die, the other faction automatically wins the base.
  • Once a base is captured, the loosing faction declares another base (probably in the same system) to be up for capture.
  • Everybody then respawns (possibly switching ships).
  • This is repeated a few times. In the end the faction with the most bases wins.

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Re: Planned Events

I thought it looks good sounds like fun!

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