Post Tue Sep 06, 2022 11:57 am

To Return or not to cross the street...

Greetz all:

Been a few minutes since I was on a Freeworlds website, and I was quite happy to see some ol' folks from those few minutes ago on Discord.
Spoke to Tessius Tiernfront, which was a nice chat (thank you, Tess), spoke to Admin Andromeda, and to Raidin.

Hope to talk to the rest of you ol' farts as well, soon.

To the new folks, well met.

Has anyone have a way to contact Snake, Sushi, or any other older Admin besides Zaccar (Maximilian (Zaccar/ZaccarasCrow, red) is in contact still with Aleema/Sefin/Sumyn (my RL wife), so that one is not needed.
I am looking for copies of old RP's, mainly (or specifically) mine ... .
I hope to find copies so I can turn these into a book. :)
Or, at least, an attempt at one, rather. XD
My severe Asperger's and ADHD mind often has a will of it's own, in those regards. :P

If you, by any incident, have old RP's, and willing to help me out, then throw a copy my way, please.

Thank you.
AKA [Krath]Lord_Dracko
AKA [Shit]Lord_Dracko (For those that remember this tag) :P (Took them nigh 5 weeks to see it) XD
AKA [Krath]Amun_D'Anahk
AKA Xogroroth

PS: if you want to talk to me in private for whatever reason, throw me a PM, and we'll figure out a way to communicate. ;)