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Transport Destroyed in Bastion

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Transport Destroyed in Bastion

We pardon the interruption of tonight’s regularly scheduled programming to bring you live footage of an accident in the Bastion system. An unidentified transport carrying 200 imperial citizens attempting to make their way to Coruscant was destroyed by a minefield laid out many years ago by the previous Imperial Moff Council. This is now the second time in as many days that a transport has been lost to the heinous, cruel and unnecessary minefield that pervades Bastion and will not be the last. All attempts to contact the Empire for comment have been fruitless. As soon as we hear from the Empire, we will of course broadcast it.

This has been Seth Davis of the Galactic News Network, we will now return you to tonight’s episode of “Hoth and Bothered”

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Re: Transport Destroyed in Bastion

As Emperor I grieve with the families of the citizens lost to the ineptitude of their transport pilot. Bastion system has many many installations ready to give authorized travelers in the system the correct clearance and direction around they systems vast and very needed defensive measures.

-The Emperor then steps away from the communicator-

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