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Dace Cael

Name: Dace Cael
Rank: Master
Planet: Corellia

Race: Human
Age: 53
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5' 9"
Hand Bias: Right handed
Lightsaber: Elborately decorated silver hilt with a green blade


*-*WARNING DATA CORRUPTION-*-* away from his parents. Thus Dace joined the Order when he was 16. Late for a Jedi but in these times no longer uncommon.

Almost as soon as he joined the Order he had the attitude that most young Jedi exhibit these days; arrogance, rash, jumping to conclusions. His control in the Force wasn't such that his bragging was warranted, however his skills with a lightsaber were decent enough. This bad behaviour continued until his second year where he challenged Master Kintak to a duel in the academy's courtyard. There, in front of his fellow Jedi, he was easily defeated and berated for his brash mannerisms and his technique.
I personally believe that the remarks upon his technique did more for him then the slights upon his character. I know that afterwards he had a heart to heart talk with Master Kintak and from then on his demeanour changed. He became less of a child and more of an adult, in both character and physique. Whether this had anything to do with his defeat and subsequent conversation with Kintak, is unknown to me. It might just have been that shifting point in his life where he turned from boy to man.

Over the years, Dace developed into a fine Jedi. Earning his place among the Knights of our Order and doing a lot of work in the Corellia system which he used to call home. Even against the Empire, Dace scored a multitude of victories against it's Navy and Sith.
He let go of his focus on lightsaber combat, developing a well rounded arsenal of abilities. He might have even been up for promotion to Jedi master, at the very least being considered for this honor, but the Force had a different path in mind.
On his 25th year, Dace fell to the dark side. The exact details are unknown to me, but records suggest a visitor known only by the initials GIK came to the Jedi Academy and seduced young Dace with the ways of the Sith. The last record of this time indicates a stand-off between our mystery guest, two young jedi (amongst which was Dace) and several knights and masters of our Order. To this day it remains a mystery how they managed to escape Republic space without detection.

For a number of years, nothing was heard of young Dace. Then roughly two years after his disappearance, Dace resurfaced near the edge of Coruscant. New Republic Patrol records show that he was being fired upon by a pack of Sith interceptors. A flight of A-wings from Wraith Squadron intercepted his call for help and drove the Sith back. The last known bit of information is that Dace was taken into custody by the Order. All further records on the subject remain classified by the Jedi Council.

-=Finish later with Kadja incident=-
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