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Big Jimmy, Carlos Ortiz, "Alan Turing"

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2013 3:51 am
by Pathfinder
Name: Jose Jimenez
Nickname: Big Jimmy
Homeworld: Malta
Occupation: Acquisition, Insurance

Age: 31
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 210 lb
Build: Somewhat heavy-set, though muscular in the arms.

Armament: Six-Shot Revolver
Personal Items: Expensive chromed lighter, Mid-expense suit and tie,
Personal Ships: YX Class Dromedary Freighter Juarez

Temperament: Patient outside of business matters, but firm (potentially lethally so to outsiders) when dealing in his trade. Occasionally prone to severe fits of anger. Very stubborn about his methods. Often very brash, especially to his fellow Dons.

Affiliation: Outcasts
Notoriety (local): Moderate
Notoriety (foreign): Low
Position: Don, Garza Cartel

Background: As a child, he started his career in the Garza Cartel as a runner. That was, until Don Garza took a few bullets to the chest. Young Jose quickly endeared himself to the Don (who somehow survived the ordeal) by proceeding to pick up the Don's own revolver and kill his assailant. With that he quickly found himself on the fast track toward the top, acting as the Don's left hand and eventually leading all but the most critical gun-running operations. However, this was not enough for the ambitious young man. With time he had developed his own network within the Cartel, slowly positioning himself to be the current Don's replacement. In time, Don Garza was involved in an unfortunate accident. Many in the Cartel, of course, suspected the now Don Jose, but with nothing to link him to the incident many chose to back down rather than face the Don and, more specifically, his right hand, the butcher Carlos Ortiz. Soon enough, the Cartel underwent "restructuring" until it turned into waht it is today.

Carlos Ortiz

PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 3:55 am
by Pathfinder
Name: Carlos Ortiz
Callsign: Pathfinder
Homeworld: Malta
Occupation: Enforcer, Wetwork

Age: 24
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 180 lb
Build: Strong upper body, lean otherwise

Armament: --
Personal Items: --
Personal Ships: Switchblade

Temperment: Terse. Considered to be cruel and dangerous. Fiercely loyal to Don Jimenez.

Affiliation: Garza Cartel
Notoriety (local): High - Very High
Notoriety (foreign): Moderate
Position: Don Jimenez's right hand

Background: Growning up as a street urchin, he was introduced to death early in his life. Accused of stealing something very valuable from the Don of a local gang, he was confronted by one of the Don's men. Only by shear luck and a strong survival instinct did the boy manage to survive the encounter, killing the man who he had been confronted by. Impressed by his capabilities, the Don took the boy in, entrusting his care to one of his most "trusted" vigos, one Jose Jimenez. While the Don had secretly believed that the boy would kill Jimenez, who the Don knew was plotting against him, the plan ultimately backfired as the Jimenez took the boy under his wing, encouraging his instinct to kill while keeping himself out of the crosshairs.

As he grew older, Jimenez began teaching the boy the basics of piloting, training the boy as best he could and arming him for a future that was yet uncertain. As the years passed, the boy proved to be exceptionally apt at his trade. His skills at piloting a fighter showed his potential, but he was truly set apart by his vicious and cruel nature. As Jimenez rose to fill the position as Don of the Garza Cartel, so too did Ortiz rise to fill the role of the Cartel's hand, leaving a swath of pain and misery in his wake.

"Alan Turing"

PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:07 am
by Pathfinder
Name: Elias J. Stevens
Codename: Alan Turing
Homeworld: Los Angeles
Occupation: "Trade Lane Technician," "Cargo Liberator"

Age: 36
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140 lb
Build: Skinny, frail.

Armament: None.
Personal Items: Ageira Company Computer, Lane Scanner
Personal Ships: Stiletto Bombe

Temperment: Level headed, though sometimes too intelligent for his own good. Retreats into his head when working on interesting problems.

Affiliation: Lane Hackers
Notoriety (local): Low - Moderate
Notoriety (foreign): None
Position: Nbk7h7aqh5dFfsR2okuR/Ix7nlOBUVpu

Background: A former Ageira employee working on a number of top secret projects, his usefulness ran out when he began doing certain off-the-books side jobs. One day, a warning comes in via neural-net of an impending "liquidation." Without questioning the source or intent, he quickly disappears from the face of the planet. Little is known about the intervening time or how he came into contact with the Lane Hackers, however as an expert in his field it would be safe to assume that they found him, rather than the other way around.