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Gabe Schneider

Name: Gabe Schneider
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Home Planet: None, grew up on Luxury Cruiser Freedom one

-Shoulder-long open black hair
-Imperial uniform

-Several different imperial starfighters and bombers
-Huge personal wealth
-A highly advanced network of artifitial intelligence called "Vengeance"

-Commodore, Imperial Navy

Age: 23

Family Relations:
-Only child,
-Father: Brent Schneider, well known actor
-Mother: Unknown


Gabe Schneider grew up on the luxury cruiser freedom one as the son of a well known actor.
His father's fame caused him to grow distant from his friends and schoolmates,
While on top of that his father spoiled him with all kinds of gifts and access to large sums of money.
Living in luxury with no goals in life he soon became bored and depressed.

That's when he became fascinated by the Empire and joined the military Academy on Bastion at the age of 16.
After graduating with a degree of galactic economics and basic military knowledge
Gabe enlisted in the Imperial Navy and got a position within Sienar Fleet systems.

Generally following imperial doctrin and volunteering for multiple combat missions
he quickly earned the ranks of Ensign and Sub-Lieunenant.

At this point, one of his former advisors in the academy, Admiral Daelin Proudmoore,
offered him command of an his old ship, the RAPTOR.
Having developed a unique tactic that involved applying old bomber tactics
to escorts ships for anti-fighter purposes he gladly accepted; renaming it to the Floodgate.

Meanwhile Schneider also rose in the ranks of Sienar Fleet Systems by recieving favors for
his activity in the Imperial Navy and using his academic knowledge to increase
the company's wealth as well as the Empire's economic strength as well as his own wealth.

After successfully testing his strategy in the field against fighters and bombers of the New Republic
and the Black Sun as well as commanding several Imperial Capital Ships with mediocre success
Gabe Schneider was promoted to his current position of Colonel.

When he noticed, that Imperial High Command was starting to neglect the Navy's
Bomber Squadrons more and more he used his ever growing influence to get into the position of
commanding officer of Broadaxe squadron and started to dedicate a massive amount of SFS-resources
to buying bombers and ordnance for Imperial Medium and Heavy Bomber Squardons.

Character Traits:
Gabe Schneiders current character can be best described as completely and utterly loyal to the Galactic Empire:
All his life is totally commited to it, he wears nothing but his uniform and he volunteers for every combat mission he can find.
It seems like nothing could bring him away from his Imperialistic Ideas.
This Loyalty is both a strength and a weakness of his, as it makes him extremely focused on his goals but also very narrow-minded about his ideas.

He is also very meticulous and gets easily frustrated when he is not in control or aware of one of his ship's operations.

Despite his allegiance to the Empire, Gabe Schneider is not actually a cruel person.
He respects the lives and the opinions of the people around him and is generally forgiving of his inferiors.
This trait is arguable though, since he does express an undying hatred for his faction's enemys and stops at nothing to destroy them.