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Biographical Information
Name: Shal'zar (original name: Ruc Dala)
Age: 38 standard years
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Rank: Sith Warrior

Physical Information
Height: 6"0
Hair: black, long hair
Eyes: one grey-green, the other one black (bionic eye)
Build: slender, yet muscular.
Physical marks: a disctinctive scar on his forehead, several others

Technique - Expert
Precognition - Trained
Willpower - Trained
Defense - Trained

Short Characterisation
Battle hungry. Nearly always sports a manic grin, especially when fighting. A rather proficient fighter-pilot, which is why he was able to join the Sith despite not being interested "in all of that power stuff".
According to his own testimony ("I ain't evil, I just ain't good.") he just wanted some more interesting fights than he was able to get in the Imperial Navy of which he was a member.
Mostly uses physical attacks, as he's not very proficient in the use of force. Has an excellent defense against force users though. Is also dangerous in unarmed combat.
Always addresses people as "young lad/gal", even if they are older than him. No respect whatsoever for superiors (he only adresses his masters as "Sir" as long as they are in range).

Appending Imperial Recruitment file:

Accessing File 3-c041-028.416.789: Recruitment Summary, ID RD-00666 ...

The Imperial Secretary of Defence: Bureau of Recruitment

Year: 14 ABY
Recruit name: Ruc Dala
Age: 35 years
Race: 97% Human, rest 3% unkown
Visuals: #Appendix lost#

See medical test for more information.

Testing summary: Exceptional skills in hand-to-hand and armed combat. Flight simulator results outstanding. Recommending advanced training and a career in special forces or elite starfighter squad.
Intelligence level high. Recommendation for officer school after regular service.
Background testing revealed no connection to known criminals or rebel cells.

Medical testing summary: Trained body, stamina good. No problem with all physical testings. High agility and resistance against physical harm. Age confirmed to be 35.09832 standard years.
DNA testing revealed a 3% mutation, completely human aside that. No traces on the specific mutation either, sending data to Imperial Research Alpha. Force sensitive, but not trained.

Closing File ...
Armed with a Fedora ...