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Mike Fenris

Generic Profile:
Name: Mike Fenris
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Pittsburg

Physical Profile:
Height: 1m80
Weight: approx. 70kg
Hair Color:
Eyes: Blue. In the dark they appear green, in the light they appear blue.
Build: Athletic.
Marks: A small scar on his forehead

Service Record:

Personal Weapons: Customized Debilitator Handgun
Personalizaton: Eager and willful. Enjoys structure and order. Likes to joke and make sarcastic comments.
Very loyal but also very strong willed. Is capable of doing anything for something he believes in.

Additional training

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Hobbie wrote:So does that mean I can go up to people and go OHMUGHGHODULEH and wave a kebab at them? :P