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Hunter Steel

Name: Hunter Steel

Age: 31

Height: 6ft 3

Weight: 92kg

Eye Color: Aqua with copper patterns

Hair Color: Shoulder Length, Jet Black.

Normal Outfit: Black Coat, Black shirt, and Black Pants

Family: Saber Steel (wife), Ines Steel (daughter)

Current Condition: Half Cyborg (accident that happened while fighting Bounty Hunters)

Current Position/s: Leader of the Corsairs Archeological Society, Fleet Admiral in the Corsair Imperial Navy and Supreme Commander of the CAS Fleet.

Weapons: Eagle Positron Blaster Rifle, Double Bladed Sword, two Short Swords.

Background Information:
Hunter Steel is the head of the very influential Steel family within the Corsair Empire. Leading a group called the Corsairs Archeological Society and speak directly to the Council of Elders of Crete. He is also a Fleet Admiral for the Corsair Empire and also the Supreme Commander of the CAS Fleet.

From the Bridge of his Persephone "Leviathan" class Super Dreadnought that he reverse engineered from the Original Persephone they found floating in space at Planet GX-1 in Omicron Iota, before giving it back to the Zoners, he managed to replicate 100% of its technology save for the Black Hole reactor. Many enemies have fallen at the hand of the Rasgar and the ship continues to be an unknown nightmare to the enemies of the Corsairs.
I have seen things that no man should see, but then I have also seen things every man wishes to see.