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Leonard Fluff

Name: Leonard Fluffaloffagus
Planet: Originated from Farrfin. Current: Corellia
Race: Farghul
Age: 32
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5' 8"
Appearance: A slight look of deceit fills his eyes. Whilst wearing his dark cloak, sometimes he seems to fade into the background around him.


At a young age, Leonard lost his parents to another of their kind's thievery gone wrong. After residing on his home planet for some 20 years, he took a liking to the darker crowds, especially those associated with trickery, deceit, and credits. His greed led him away from his home as he decided there were better places to host such jobs of mischief. After hunting for a small amount of time, he landed himself in Corellia where he began mercenary work. After a job led him around Bespin, he encountered a "pirate" who sought claiming bases as his own and converting them into goodwill facilities. He saw this a golden opportunity to take advantage of such a person. He soon after joined up with the Opposition, but not for aiding the universe, but instead aiding himself to the lush credits he thought to be found by taking advantage of the Opposition's leader.
What has the world come to? Pirates running orphanages; turning military ships into things of goodwill?