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Charles Dennison

Name- Charles Dennison
Age- 52
Career- Politician
Starkill wrote:But you know, with really cool starships and lasers that go pew pew!

Orange Lion wrote:Walk your dog.

Jason wrote:Oh, also if you engage in sexual activity FOR THE LOVE OF GOD be educated and don't get her pregnant!

Jason wrote:Everyone CALM DOWN before I start handing out tickets and issuing warrants.

Turis wrote:I could tell dirty jokes, but, there are kids reading this thread like PirateWarlord.

Hobbie wrote:Sounds like a regular Thursday in the life of PirateWarlord.

Turis wrote:PirateWarlord doesn't like new topics

Sparta wrote:
Hobbie wrote:The Essence of Hobbie is not something that can be taught, child. You must be Hobbie to achieve it.

the essence of Hobbie ?Ewwwww :P
Admin Alex wrote:I worry about you people.. :P

Hobbie wrote:It'd just make me lame. And I'm fairly sure I'm not lame.

Turis wrote:Oh, man! You swallowed a cricket! ;)

Tessius Tiernfront wrote:I'm going to just throw this out there, it's all "Starkills" fault!

Preacher wrote:I'm too old and grumpy to run a cult of personality these days, and we all know that's what my crime factions were.